Eucheuma SpinossumEucheuma Spinossum is a species of red alga and one of the primary sources of iota carrageenan. It exists naturally in the Philippines, tropical Asia, and the western Pacific, but for the commercial extraction of carrageenan it is usually cultivated. The species is commonly known as E.Denticulatum when cultivated and can be found in different colours: brown, green and red.

Eucheumatoideae, used in the production of Carrageenan, an important product used in cosmetics, food processing and industrial uses, as well as a food source for those living in Indonesia and the Philippines. Some of the most significant species include Betaphycus gelatinae, Eucheuma denticulatum, and several species of the genus Kappaphycus including K. alvarezii. Since the mid-1970s Kappaphycus and Eucheuma have been the major source for the expansion of the carrageenan industry.

Though commercially significant, species of eucheuma are difficult to identify, without the aid of close scientific examination, as different species may have very similar morphologies. It is assumed that eighteen to twenty species alone fall within the genus Eucheuma, represented by groups, Cottoniformia, Eucheuma, Gelatiformia, and Anaxifera.

A bright spot in the seaweed processing sector is the specialized market for iota carrageenan, which is derived from Eucheums spinossum. Iota carrageenan is used as an ingredient for toothpaste and capsules.

There’s an increasing supply of spinossum because farmers prefer to plant this type of seaweed. Processors, meanwhile, favor spinossum because of its lower price and higher yield.Only three kilos of spinossum, compared to five kilos of cottonii, are required for a kilo of carrageenan.

• Moisture content (Moisturicy): 35% -38%
• Stools (Impurity): Maximum 4%
• Planting Age: 45-60 Days
• Color: White, Yellow, Amarant, Violet
• Drying: Sunlight
• Price: Contact Me via email or telephone
• Production Capacity: 100 Tons / Month

Packaging system with the press by using press machine which is designed specifically for seaweed pressings per-bale weighing 50 Kg or 100 Kg and is wrapped with plastic bag.

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