Gracilaria is a genus of red algae (Rhodophyta) notable for its economic importance as an agarophyte, as well as its use as a food for humans and various species of shellfish. Various species within the genus are cultivated among Asia, South America, Africa and Oceania.

Gracilaria bursa-pastoris (S.G.Gremlin) Silva and Gracilaria multipartita (Clemente) Harvey have long been established in southern England and northwestern France, but confusion between Gracilaria gracilis (Stackhouse) Steentoft, L.Irvine & Farnham and Gracilariopsis longissima (S.G.Gmelin) Steentoft, L. Irvine & Farnham, (as Gracilaria verrucosa (Hudson) Papenfuss or Gracilaria confervoides (L.) Greville) (Steentoft et al. 1995), has prevented recognition of the northern boundaries.

In Indonesia, Gracilaria cultivated in many regions of Sulawesi and Java. Gracilaria from Sulawesi are preferred by manufacturers of gelatin in Indonesia and overseas importers, because they have a very good gel strength and easy in production.

We sell seaweed Gracilaria with the following specifications

• Moisture content (Moisturicy): 15% -20%
• Stools (Impurity): Maximum 4%
• Planting Age: 45-60 Days
• Color: Black, Amarant, Violet
• Drying: Sunlight
• Price: Contact Me via email or telephone
• Production Capacity: 300 Tons / Month

Packaging system with the press by using press machine which is designed specifically for seaweed pressings per-bale weighing 50 Kg or 100 Kg and is wrapped with plastic bag


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