Shrimp Shell Specifications

  • Dried by sun or oven
  • Whole and or broken, minim 0,5 cm
  •  Moisture max 10%
  • Impurity <5%
  • Packing by pp woven bag and or press bales
  • Contain loading in a container 1*40′HC  10 – 14 MT
  • Quantity per month 2-4*40′ HC
  • Time of shipment max 10 days after sign

Head Shrimp Specifications

  •  Dried by sun or oven
  • Whole and or broken, minim 0,5 cm
  •  Moisture max 10%
  •  Impurity <5%
  • Packing by pp woven bag normall and or press bales
  •  Contain loading in a container 1*40′HC  10-13 mt
  • Quantity per month 3-5*40′ HC
  • Time of shipment max 15 days after sign of contract per containers

The part of the shrimp most people throw away could turn out to be the most valuable part, according to researchers in Thailand.

That’s because the shells of shrimp, crab and other crustaceans contain chitin, a starchy, plastic-like compound that some scientists believe is one of nature’s most generous gifts.

Chitin is, after wood, the most plentiful organic fiber on Earth. Researchers at the Asian Institute of Technology in Bangkok say this resource could be used to create everything from wonder drugs to biodegradable plastics and crop enhancers for farmers.

Chitin can also be used to heal wounds and as an agent in paper and textile manufacturing, says Willem F. Stevens, a researcher at the Asian Institute of Technology.

To extract chitin, the researchers create a purification bath for the shrimp shells. A squirt of bacteria — the same bacteria used in yogurt — is added to strip the protein out of the shells.

The chitin that’s left has some remarkable properities:
It’s antifungal and antibacterial, but so easy on the skin that chitin membranes are being tested as a treatment for serious burn wounds.

  • Made into a waxy paper, chitin is nontoxic and quick to biodegrade.
  • Chitin syrup, when used to coat seeds, has been shown to improve crop yields by helping the seeds resist fungus and repel insects.

Researchers say the product’s inherent stickiness also could prove valuable in:

  • New blood-clotting drugs for hemophiliacs.
  • New sperm paralyzing contraceptives.
  • Fat-blocking drugs for dieters.

Chitin and its more refined cousin, chitosan, already are available in diet-pill form.

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