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Eucheuma Spinossum And The Growth

Eucheuma Spinossum is one type of seaweed that is used as raw material of the type of Iota Carrageenan. In Indonesia Eucheuma Spinossum seaweed is still rarely cultivated because economic value is not as good as Eucheuma Cottonii. E....

The Seaweed Industry – An Overview

Semi Refined CarrageenanThe use of seaweed as food has been traced back to the fourth century in Japan and the sixth century in China. Today those two countries and the Republic of Korea are the largest consumers of seaweed...

Seaweed Resources

 Learn about Seaweed Farming Manual of Seaweed Farming Produced by Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations (FAO) A Guide To The Seaweed Industry Produced by Food and Agriculture Organization of...

Buying Seaweed From Us

As one of the Supplier Seaweed in Indonesia, we always give our best services to our customers. To facilitate orders seaweed to us, we provide a special form, please fill out the form below to types of seaweed that...

Spinossum / Eucheuma Denticulatum

Description Eucheuma denticulatum, a perennial red seaweed, is composed of rigid clumps of low-growing, cartilaginous thalli. These clumps can range in size depending on growing conditions, but are able to reach considerable size, up to 50 centimeters in length...
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